New Home Based Business Opportunity

This is why I always look for a new home based business opportunity:

If I were to ask you to write down, on a piece of paper, a number that would rank as the most important, what would it be? Perhaps your age, a birthday, or the date of a special event might come to mind. For me, the number 9 would be the leader of the pack and it might be at the top of the list for many others as well. As you probably know, nine represents the number of those without work in the U.S. today. More specifically, it amounts to 9.1% unemployed in the current marketplace. That is a staggering number of people looking for a job, and each month about 400,000 more apply for unemployment benefits. Home foreclosures are near an all-time high, and the mood in the country is depressed and confrontational, to say the least.

While all this apathy creates a sense of hopelessness and disappointment, it will also provide opportunities for those willing to engage the entrepreneurial spirit with a new home based business opportunity. Many that have been laid off are now realizing this is their chance to fulfill a long awaited dream of owning a business or generating an income in an unconventional way. Working from home has always been a preferred method. The idea that you do not have to commute, punch a time clock, or deal with a surly boss is pretty darn appealing. But, the one thing that your home business will demand is discipline…if you do not set a schedule and stick with it, your business will suffer immeasurably.

You can get online and type in “home business” and you will literally come up with thousands of websites that have your eyes rolling up like a cheap shade. It would take you months, if not years, to wade through all the offers. So, I think one of the best ways to narrow the list down is to look for what is relevant in today’s marketplace. Even in a depressed market, people still carry on business activity. Those that can understand and meet the demand will be the ones that find the most success. What has killed more retail businesses than anything else is the overhead new storefronts are saddled with. A home based business eliminates much of the overhead providing you with a better bottom line.

A new home based business opportunity with strong training and education will provide you with everything you need to start making money in a short period of time. You can have the best idea in the world, but without the proven tools to implement your plan…it will more often than not fail. Find someone who will help you take the guesswork out of the equation and replaced it with home based profits. It’s now your turn in the driver’s seat.

Samples Of Small Business Subcontracting Plans

Small business subcontracting plans necessarily mean a large business enterprise sub letting or taking help from small businesses. In large business outfits, the amount of office supplies is great hence a small business firm is contacted and a contract is signed with them to provide office materials regularly.o A subcontract is broadly defined as an understanding agreed upon by a prime contract and subcontractor to provide goods or services needed for complementing the performance of the prime contract.o The service a small business provides, however, is not necessarily under the prime contract; it should satisfy the prime contractor’s ordinary overhead requirements attributable to the prime contract.This entire process of contracting out a part of the project to a small business firm is known as small business subcontracting. The contract is made formal only if the costs involved in providing materials exceed $500.000 for the entire period of performance.o a small business subcontracting plan must state an expected amount of business that the prime contractor expects to award to small business contractorsHowever, it is untrue that all business concerns need subcontracted businesses to reach the stage of completion.o In order to ensure completion, each subcontracting plan must name a manager or contract person, called a plan administrator, in charge of promoting compliance under the plan.Only when the magnitude of the business project demands calculated subcontracts sub recipients are brought into discussions.The subcontractor’s SBSP mentions the materials to be purchased, the total amount of money that will be spent on each small business outfit and the percentage of money that has been stipulated for supplies and/or services that these purchases represent.Small business concerns usually used as sub recipients of such huge business projects are:o Small Disadvantaged Business concern
o Minority Institutes
o Veteran Owned Small Business concern
o Women Owned Small Business concern
o Historically Black Colleges and UniversitiesRather than waiting for communication, a small business can contact prime contractors directly to inform them of its small business.A small business can approach agencies themselves to show inclination of its availability for subcontracting.A SBSP is prepared by the principal investigator of the project. The principal investigator takes up the responsibility of meeting the goals set in the plan. If the SBSP fails for any reason, the contractor may be made responsible for the damage and the business concern handling the project may be denied new contracts.Once the SBSP is prepared, it is presented as a part of the business proposal. It is open to negotiation.o In soliciting subcontracts, prime contractors often seek several small business sources to insure they are obtaining a fair priceo If a small business is dissatisfied with the treatment it receives from the prime contractor, it cannot protest to the agency or General Accounting Office.The principal investigator informs the Procurement Resource Services (PRS) administrator of the need of subcontractors. The PRS then aids investigators in identifying suppliers as per the requirement of the project.o Prime contractors are increasingly aware of the need to subcontract with small businesses for delegating work.
o Certain small business contracts stress the possibility of dollar penalties on those failing to meet their subcontracting plans.Typical samples small business subcontracting plans require the following information:o Identification Data – name of the company, address, date of preparation of SBSP, Solicitation Number and Item or Service required
o Type of Plan – individual, master or commercial
o Goals – estimated dollar value of all planned subcontracting, estimated dollar value and percentage of total planned subcontracting to large business concerns, estimated dollar value and percentage of total planned subcontracting to small business concerns etc
o Details of Program Administrator
o Equitable Opportunity
o Reporting and Co-operation time line
o Record Keeping
o Timely payments to Subcontractors
o Description of Good Faith Report

Home Based Businesses Ideas

The ideal job for anyone these days is for you to make your own work hours, work on whatever days you like without having to make a daily commute and not have to answer to anyone. That sounds like quite the nostalgic job. It’s actually easier to fathom than we think.Affiliate MarketingMost affiliate marketing companies you may get involved with charge you membership fees and are usually a scam. Not too long ago I was searching for home based businesses ideas using Google and checking the BBB with any affiliate marketing companies I found on the first few web pages. I thought it was going to be impossible but I happened to run into a few companies that can get you started off on the right foot. Some companies will even set up a website for you and provide you with training as long as you have a site to start with and if you don’t then they will show you how to obtain one, usually for a rather cheap price. After the set up some will give you all the training you need and all the resources you may use to help you make money. Some of the best home based businesses ideas like this make money through affiliate marketing. It’s quite simple… you advertise other people’s products and when they make a purchase through your link then you earn a commission off of it.Now if you want to start off and make a decent amount of income off affiliate marketing like this and at a shorter amount of time then it’s best to invest in a few of the tools that some companies might offer to you because it will most likely increase your productivity level ten fold compared to figuring out other methods of accomplishing the same thing. You don’t have to invest in them but, some of these tools are so useful that it would be such a lengthy process to build up a successful site without them. Every legitimate online affiliate marketing company I’ve encountered offered great training for using such tools. Great marketing tools, training and support in one site is one of the best home based businesses ideas yet. Not only that but, when you invest in some of these tool you can actually use them as affiliate sources on your page, thus giving you more of an opportunity to generate income. Your business also grows off of how creative you get with it. If you build your business using the proper methods that these companies teach you, as well as using your creativity, you will be sure to succeed and even fave fun and enjoy doing it.Sell Health Products OnlineThis is one of the best small home based business ideas because everyone in the world wants to get healthier. If you think about everyone you have talked to within the past few weeks and then think about how many of those people would actually like to lose weight I guarantee that at least half of them do. You can get advertise through many approaches like Myspace, Facebook, blogging websites or even text messages and phone calls. If you’d even like to put some extra effort into it you can put out pamphlets in break rooms or gyms. The possibilities are almost endless and if you are someone in need of losing a few pounds or even a lot, you can try out your own products and after you make the results you can use yourself with before and after pictures and meeting people you haven’t seen since you lost the weight. Become a product of the product. Another reason this is one of the best home based businesses ideas is because you have physical product to show to a person which sells better any day of the week compared to showing a product in an email or webpage.Online Surveyor.An online survey taker is the simplest of the three home based businesses ideas because you have to put no effort into blogging, marketing or selling of any sort. This home based business has no maintenance either. However this is the least successful of the three due to you “trading hours for dollars”. In a business like this you get paid for the time you put into it and gain no leverage or residual income.